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jfControl - remotely control your mac

With this app you are able to remotely control your mac from anywhere in your apartment. Switch it off from the bedroom, turn up the volume from the kitchen, control a full keynote presentation or just start a video sitting on the couch in front of your mac mini that is connected to your HDTV.

No hassling around with IP addresses, nothing to config, it just works. Thank you bonjour. Connection problems? Check the firewall settings

This is how it works:
1. Download the free jfControlServer and drag it in your Application folder on your Mac.

2. Run the jfControlServer Application and you will notice a new symbol in the menu bar, next to the clock. This is what the menu bar look like with the running server:

3. Download jfControl from the AppStore. Before you buy please try out the lite version to make sure everything will work for your setup. Get the lite version

Start jfControl on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, it will connect to the jfControlServer automatically.