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jfControl - Mac remote control

With this app you are able to remotely control your Mac from anywhere in your apartment. (Wi-Fi required)

Switch it off from the bedroom, turn up the volume from the kitchen, control a full keynote presentation or just start a video sitting on the couch in front of your Mac Mini that is connected to your HDTV.

No hassling around with IP addresses, nothing to config, just install the free helper application on your Mac and it just works. Thank you bonjour.

Even older macOS versions (with Front Row) are supported, just make sure your Mac is running at least OS X 10.4.

  • Turn off up to 5 Macs with only one button press.
  • Control iTunes, Finder, Safari, Plex, Front Row, Boxee, Keynote, Power Point, QT Player, VLC, MPlayer, Eye TV, DVD Player and more.
  • Change the system volume, start any application, send your Mac to sleep/shut it down or just lock the screen by pressing a button.
  • Includes a num pad and a tool for copy/paste/undo/redo work.
  • Uses WiFi. No line-of-sight to your Mac needed.

currently only available on iOS,
Android version planned

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is jfControl able to control my TV, my DVD player or a Windows PC?

No, jfControl is to control software running on a Mac.

The free version of jfControl does not work, will the full version change something?

No, please do not buy the full version if the free version does not work for you. It's always better to contact the support for questions before you buy.

Where's the app's privacy policy?

We're glad that you asked. Because we do not track, collect or transmit your data the privacy policy is brief:

Read the full privacy policy.

When Android app?

Currently the app is only available on iOS. An Android app is planned, but we can't give an ETA at this time.

Can I try the app before I buy?

There is a free lite version with basic functionality available:

Download the lite version of the App from the App Store.

More questions?

Get in touch