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Robo Logic 2

  • The second edition of Robo Logic, finally available for the iPhone.
  • You have to program a robot's movements by dragging commands to the memory of the bot.
  • Your goal is to activate all the marked boxes.
  • Very soon you will realize though that using only the main memory is not enough and you will have to start creating and calling re-usable functions to achieve the goal.
  • Robo Logic is very easy to learn, but hard to master.

currently only available on iOS,
Android version planned

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an iPad version of Robo Logic?

Yes there is Robo Logic HD for the iPad.

Get it from the App Store.

Where's the app's privacy policy?

We're glad that you asked. Because we do not track, collect or transmit your data the privacy policy is brief:

Read the full privacy policy.

When Android app?

Currently the app is only available on iOS. An Android app is planned, but we can't give an ETA at this time.

Can I try the app before I buy?

There is a free lite version with basic functionality available:

Download the lite version of the App from the App Store.

More questions?

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