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Sumo Control for Parrot's jumping Sumo

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  • Setting profiles - comes with two different settings profiles for beginner and experts. But you can add as many settings / user profiles as you want. You can even share setting profiles with your friends or your own devices via Air Drop and Email.
  • Drive Timer - the timer shows exactly how long you are driving.
  • Quick turn button - drag the quick turn button up or down for precise 180° turns and right or left for precise 90° turns.
  • Choose between different crosshair designs and scales.
  • Shows wifi signal strength. Setup your own wifi warnings.
  • MFI gamepad support - control your drone with any MFI gamepad that has two additional joysticks like the Stratus Steel, Moga Ace Power or the Mad Catz CTRLi. You can assign every button to every available function in the settings.
  • Offline Mode - explore the app without being connected to your drone.
  • Configurable user interface - you can show/hide every button.
  • Supports imperial and metric units.
  • Choose between different control modes.
  • Run predefined animations.
  • Everything is stored on your device. We do not collect or transmit any data.

currently only available on iOS,
Android version planned

Frequently Asked Questions

Sumo Control is not available in the US App Store. What gives?

Due to patent reasons there is a dedicated app for the US market. It is called Sumo Control US and you can get it here.

Recommended MFI gamepads?

Basically every MFI gamepad with extended layout (2 additional analog sticks) should work. Development was done with the Moga Ace Power and the Stratus Steel.

Does this app work with other drones like the Bebop Drone or the Mini Drones?

No, this app will work only with the jumping Sumo, jumping Night and jumping Race but there is Mini Drone Control for Parrot's Mini Drones and Bebop Control for Bebop 1 and Bebop 2.

Where can I talk to other jumping Sumo users and exchange experience?

You will be in good hands in the english board for Parrot drones like the jumping Sumo: www.drone-forum.com/forum/

Where's the app's privacy policy?

We're glad that you asked. Because we do not track, collect or transmit your data the privacy policy is brief:

Read the full privacy policy.

When Android app?

Currently the app is only available on iOS. An Android app is planned, but we can't give an ETA at this time.

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How it works

Watch the video demonstration of the app. You will see the key features of Sumo Control.

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